BWLT Conserves Another 28 acres

Thank You Evelyne Purdy


The Bridgewater Land Trust has partnered with land owner Evelyne Purdy to preserve 28 acres on the south side of Keeler Road and at the peak of Botsford Hill. The entire 38 acre property, known as Toad Lodge, will remain privately owned. The 28 acre conserved area will remain undeveloped and in open space in perpetuity.

The newly restricted area is important ecologically as it connects to two other preserved tracts of land including the Nature Conservancy’s Wewaka Brook Preserve and the BWLT’s Presby Easement. In addition, the land protects an important north-south wildlife corridor between the agricultural and early successional habitats to the south and large core forest to the north of Keeler Road. The forested area contains vital wetland habitats including several vernal pools, stands of large white pines along with red and white oaks. Additional acreage includes meadows, some of which are currently used as hay fields.

Mrs. Purdy proudly spoke about this land and what it means to her and her late husband Strother Purdy. “Strother lived here for over 40 years. He was an avid outdoorsman and this land was his happy place. I decided to preserve this land for him.” She described the beauty of the land, the magnificent views and specifically a stand of white pines that form a circular pattern that almost feels magical.

Christian Feuer, President of the BWLT, expressed his gratitude to Evelyne and her contribution to open space in Bridgewater “We know this is special land ecologically. It will be a significant extension and enhancement to an important preserved corridor in Bridgewater. We are very grateful to Evelyne Purdy for this gift.”