Falcon Demonstration Day at Sunny Meadow Farm

Bridgewater, CT – September 20, 2017

An anticipatory crowd of people of all walks and ages gathered pre-sunset to celebrate the season’s close and attend an educational Falconry and Raptor event fundraiser for the Bridgewater Land Trust (BWLT) in collaboration with Bridgewater’s local Burnham Library, September 16, at local host Steve Shabet’s Sunny Meadow Farm, 66 Northrup Street.

Close to 100 happy-go-lucky guests free-roamed the farm, barns, greenhouse, and farm stand, and made friends with the resident peacocks pre-show while enjoying a bountiful sponsor-donated buffet featuring local beef- burgers freshly prepared by Deb and Bill Stuart, Jr. from nearby Stuart Family Farm before a leisurely hike (or golf-cart ride!) down to the farm’s forest-side pond for the main attraction, a live bird demo given by Tom Cullen’s TC Management, Inc.

Cullen and team delivered a fascinating fact-filled show with a rotation of species on display and performing hunting maneuvers –including two of the majestic wild-winged stars spontaneously taking liberty to fly off-script to hang out for a bit in the surrounding trees; a beautiful, if comical and unplanned, reminder of the nature of wild things to behold, and their habitats to preserve.

The Bridgewater Land Trust extends thanks with deep appreciation to our sponsors, loyal and tireless volunteers, hosts, members and attendees. We’d love to have you join us again to celebrate and steward the land.

Our Sponsors: Please take a minute to click thru and visit their sites, and thank them for their support in our shared community.


The Bridgewater Land Trust was founded in 1987. A non-profit organization administered by town residents, the Land Trust supports a variety of conservation and education activities aimed at protecting Bridgewater’s natural resources. We welcome your comments and questions. BWLT Board and members are happy to discuss future sponsorship, legacy, support events and donation opportunities at all levels.


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Bridgewater Clean Up Day!

Thanks to driving force and Burnham School student, Deirdre Dwyer, Bridgewater Clean Up Day was a success! The Bridgewater Land Trust sponsored Deidre’s initiative and is so thankful to all the friends and families who joined her Sunday on May 15th.  Thank you again to all those who participated. We hope to see you all at our next clean up event.

Burnham School Trail Hike

The weather was awesome and we completed our walk with the students of Burnham School through the Ketchum Children’s Trail on Tuesday, October 20th. During the walk, we observed and discussed the local flora and fauna and learned about the importance of preserving open space as well as the Bridgewater Land Trust’s role in achieving this goal.  The children did enjoy some fall treats in the meadow and played in the beautiful surroundings!  A good time was had by all! We received a wonderful Thank You from the children. You can view the PDF here.


Welcome and thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by for a visit.

We are so proud of our history and embrace the opportunity to begin a bright chapter as we start making strides into our second quarter -century in service of the land we love and trust.

We’re eager to share our stories here with you, keep you updated on recent Bridgewater Land Trust happenings, celebrate acquisitions, provide important current information, resources, and extra tidbits, as well as foster open dialogue.

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We hope you’ll come our way often to take a refreshed look at our vision, have a talk or a listen, fortify your sense of ownership and belonging, and see for yourself what The Bridgewater Land Trust can mean in your life. Stop by to catch up on news and events, or just to let us know you believe in our work, and are enjoying the view.

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Did you know?

Did you know that globally, nations are beginning to solidify the value of measuring environmental and ecosystem health indices right up next to such futures measurements as GDP outputs? To that we say cheers and here’s to moving our common values up in the world community!